Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions last updated: 7th April 2020.

  1. Provisional Reservation and Deposit Payment. A place can be provisionally reserved on a course only by contacting us. The provisional reservation is valid only once a deposit payment has been made. The minimum deposit is 10% of the course fee plus applicable VAT and is non-refundable (unless the course is cancelled for exceptional reasons by the organiser). Full payment can also be made at this point, if desired for administrative reasons (in this case, refunds are possible as per below).
  2. Validation of a Confirmed Place and Final Payment. A potential participant has a validated course place only once final payment has been received and confirmed by e-mail. The final payment (net of any deposit paid) is due at least 12 working days before the course start date. Failure to make the final payment in a full and timely manner will result in the course reservation being forfeited, and the deposit lost. (The potential late payment of one or more participants may lead to the course being cancelled or moved to a smaller facility).
  3. Invoicing, VAT and Payment Mechanisms. Invoices will be sent for all required payments. Invoices will include VAT where this is required. Payment can be made either by transfer or using the PayPal button on this website.
  4. Location and Specific Location. The location of any course will be in (or close to) the city centre of the advertised location for that course (e.g. London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Jakarta, New York, etc.). The specific location will be in a business centre, meeting room, or dedicated training centre at that location. The planned specific location and course times will be shared with participants who have a validated place.
  5. Meeting Room and Refreshments. The course organiser will be responsible for organising the provision of the meeting facilities (room, tables, projector) and of standard refreshments (tea, coffee, water). Meals are not provided unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing.
  6. Computers are not provided. Each participant must bring their own computer, as well any necessary power cables, electrical socket adaptors etc. Computers must have Excel 2016 (or higher) installed and allow participants to access all required functionality (such as macros, Excel add-ins etc.).
  7. Course Materials. Course Materials will include files that will need to be downloaded prior to the course and will be sent by e-mail shortly beforehand. Such materials are copyright and protected by intellectual property rights; as such they are to be used only for the purposes of the course, and by the participant only (including after the course). However, they are not allowed to be copied nor shared in any format.
  8. Certificate Issuing. Completion certificates are issued at the end of each course (either directly or sent electronically with a few days of completion) to participants who have been present for at least 85% of the course time.
  9. Participant-Driven Changes: Cancellation, Changes to Dates and Courses, and Transfer to Others.
  10. Cancellation. Whilst the minimum deposit is non-refundable, any participant who has paid more than the minimum (such as the full amount upfront) may cancel their reservation by confirmed receipt e-mail and at least 12 working days before the course start. In this case, a refund of the amounts paid above the minimum deposit will be provided (net of bank charges or other transaction fees),
  11. Course or Date Transfer. All amounts paid in relation to a specific course reservation may be used by a participant to transfer to a different course (including location and date changes), providing that this is done at least 60 days prior to the earliest affected course. Changes are not possible if the time-window to the first affected course is less than 60 days.
  12. Transfer to Colleagues or Other Nominated Persons. A validated course place may be transferred to another nominated party, provided notification has been received and conformed by e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the course start.
  13. Changes or Cancellations by Course Organiser. We reserve the right to cancel a course at any time for exceptional reasons, such as the ill health of an instructor, or other reasonable reasons beyond our control. In such cases, participants with a validated place will have an option either to obtain a refund of the amounts paid, or to use the amount paid as payment towards any another course. We reserve the right to change the specific location of the course (e.g. the business centre or hotel, but not the city itself) at any time.
  14. Bank Charges or other Transaction Costs. Participants are responsible for all bank and other transaction charges (e.g. exchange rate losses) associated with course payments and refunds.
  15. Contracting Party. Our services are organised and run by Financial Modelling in Practice Limited. Registered in England and Wales, with Registration Number 6754990. VAT Registration Number 109 9015 19. (“FMP”).
  16. Intellectual Property and Copyright. All Course Materials provided to participants are and will remain the sole property of FMP. Such materials are copyright and protected by intellectual property rights; as such they are to be used only for the purposes of the course, and by the participant only (including after the course). However, they are not allowed to be copied nor shared in any format.
  17. Liability, Health and Safety. FMP does not accept liability for any damages or losses arising for any reason, beyond those defined by the applicable local statutory obligations.
  18. Bespoke Confirmation Documentation. At request, we can provide a potential participant who has a validated course place with a confirmation letter about planned participation in a course, such as may be necessary to obtain a travel visa. In such cases, all amounts paid to secure a validated course are not refundable, and no changes or transfers of any kind can be made in any circumstances (including those mentioned in other Clauses).