2. Excel Best Practices and Functions

14th April 2020

Why Making Good Decisions is Hard

It is worth recapping why the making of good decisions is hard. In the following, I have brought together ideas from various sources and documents and […]
10th April 2020

Using Optimisation to Calibrate Models: COVID-19 Example

The COVID-19 outbreak provides a reminder of possible uses of optimisation tools for model calibration. Recall that where the values of a model input(s) are not […]
8th April 2020

Interest Rate in the PMT and Similar Functions

I have previously posted about the need to be very careful when using the PMT and similar functions, as mistakes can easily arise. One area of […]
30th March 2020

When is a Model not a Model?

Many Excel worksheets are described as “models”. Sometimes (more often than not), the calculations are very hard to follow for someone who did not built the […]
19th November 2019

Take Care when Using PMT, PPMT and Similar Functions!

Another slightly geeky post from me 😊 about the PMT, PPMT and similar functions. It is very easy to use the functions in ways that can […]
18th October 2019

Circular References versus Continuous Compounding of Interest?

I couldn’t resist this slightly geeky comment about a subject that comes up occasionally and to which I have not seen an answer elsewhere else, namely: […]
10th February 2019

Six Reasons to Avoid Using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions

It never ceases to amaze me when I open an Excel worksheet and see VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP functions. These functions should basically never be used! In […]
10th February 2019
To simplify a recent post about the use of the FVSCHEDULE function to return the total and compound average growth rates (or asset returns), this demonstrates […]
9th February 2019

The FVSCHEDULE Function in Excel

As part of our occasional series on lesser-known Excel functions, this post highlights a key use of the FVSCHEDULE function in financial modelling. The FVSCHEDULE function […]